Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grow Your Business With Promotional Products?

How can you use promotional products in your business?

  • Motivate Employees
  • Grow Your Sales Volume
  • Reward Your Employees and Clients
  • Celebrate Years of Service
  • New Account Generation/Increased Clientele 
  • Promote Your Business in Your Community
  • Brand Awareness
  • Safety Programs

Kelly Hanslovan-Bond

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why give Branded Apparel?

Why give Branded Apparel?
Using corporate embroidered apparel is a way to encourage teamwork among your employees and is easy to do. With so many options available for styles, colors, and sizes, you can get virtually anything you want in corporate embroidered apparel and kevmarc has great options for you to look at. Add your logo, company name, or slogan to a polo, t-shirt or jacket, and your employees will feel like they are part of a team. At kevmarc we love to embroider or silkscreen whatever works in your budget. 
There are other benefits to using corporate embroidered apparel, too. You can give these items as gifts to contest winners, loyal customers, or to say thank you to a business associates.  Wearing your branded clothing with your logo out at events looks professional and at the same time lets everyone start to recognize your brand.  Use promotional products as incentives among your employees to work harder and earn corporate logo apparel.

We can set-up a safety programs where your employees can order products without your logo on them.  You can control the items that they order and along with the price.  They will get a gift package that shows what they can order along with a card to fill out and send in.  This way the gift ships directly to them and everything including the shipping is all one package price.

Let kevmarc show you the way to promoting your business.  We have over twenty-five years in the promotional products industry and love to show our clients the way that works for them.

Kelly Hanslovan-Bond

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Use Promotional Products?

We solve marketing problems and create new marketing opportunities for your business!

Promotional products are powerful weapons in your marketing arsenal. Some of the proven uses for ad specialty items include:
·  Attract new customers
·  Increase repeat business
·  Inspire customer loyalty
·  Establish name recognition
·  Improve client relations
·  Reactivate old accounts
·  Create a good reputation
·  Celebrate anniversaries 
·   Solidify corporate identity
·   Commemorate special events
·   Announce sales

Numerous case studies document the effectiveness of promotional products. One fast-food restaurant's investment of $181 in promotional products resulted in more than $1200 increase in food sales. One study found that promotional products increase the response to direct mail up to 75%. 

Kelly Hanslovan-Bond

Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Promotional Products Ideas!

I just returned last week from Las Vegas to see all the new and fun promotional products 2014. 
I have some great ideas and there are some really good deals going on for the first quarter of 2014.

If you need any Post-it Note specials on the 3" x 4" size there are first quarter specials.

Bic has some great first quarter specials also going on right now on the following pens:

RS - Round Stic Pen
CSWBG - Bic Wide Body Grip
CSWBCG - Bic Wide Body Color Grip

Also, a great give away is the pomegranate and pear all natural lip balm.  A true favorite.

If you need any great ideas for promotional products to market your company give me a call.

Kelly Hanslovan-Bond